About the food recovery program

Canadians are among the biggest food-wasters in the world. A recent study by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation found for every Canadian almost 400 kilograms of food is lost or wasted a year. A lot of that waste (47%) happens at home.

Best-before labels emerged as major villains. People assume food past the date on a package is spoiled. Best-before dates refer to food quality, not safety. Many products that carry the dates don’t even need them. That means good food ends up in the kitchen garbage bin and the grocery dumpster.

Grocery stores also have to keep their store looking aesthetically pleasing by having full shelves of perfect looking produce; this means there is often a surplus of produce and any “imperfect” fruit or vegetable is headed to the landfill.

Fernie Fresh Food Share is a food recovery program in collaboration with the Salvation Army that addresses the social, economic and environmental issue of food waste.

It collects food from local restaurants and grocery stores that is still fit for human consumption, but can no longer be sold and is therefore headed to the landfill. Instead, this food is brought to the food bank for distribution.

Anything not used on time gets picked up by local farmers and fed to their animals or to be composted, there is next to no waste.

The program provides access to anyone in the community to fresh and healthy food.


Inform and educate people on how to decrease waste and make food go further, develop recipes with food that is commonly discarded.


Up to five times a week, one of our representative picks up food from businesses and brings it to The Salvation Army to be weighed, sorted and distributed.


Food that is fit for human consumption can be picked up at The Salvation Army. Everything else goes to farmers to feed their animals or compost.

About the creator of Fernie Fresh Food Share

Having grown up in a family where you waste next to nothing and having worked in restaurants in the past, I was disheartened by all the perfectly good food that ends up in the landfill. This has fueled my passion for this project.

Fernie is an amazing community where many of the citizens are very conscious about the environment and their community; therefore I was not surprised by the support from many businesses and individuals who want to participate in this program.

The Salvation Army Food bank was immediately on board when I approached them with the idea and they have been an important part to keeping the program going.

I am forever grateful to the businesses, countless volunteers and the people of Fernie for their support and helping the program grow into what it is today.

If you are interested in starting a food share program in your community and would like some help on getting started or any relevant information or resources, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I am more than happy to help.  

Nicole Knauf

Become a supporter

Contact Fernie Fresh Food Share and we will set up a meeting to go through getting everything set up for your business to become a part of it. Your community and the environment will thank you!

Become a volunteer

Like the program and want to give back by volunteering? We are often looking for volunteers to help with pickups and sorting of the food. Please contact us to find a time that works for you.


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